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Greenwich College is a registered independent college providing a stimulating and positive learning environment for students. This college is run by a well-known team of academicians, entrepreneurs, professionals, social worker and scholars deserving high dedications and devotion since 2052.The college occupies peaceful surrounding and spacious land area at Town-Planning, Pepsicola KTM-35, the prime location of Kathmandu. The campus area of the college comprises appealing operating infrastructure with various sections for both technical and administrative support for academic endeavors of everyday.

The college has been running +2 (Management & Humanities), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) PROGRAMS. The +2 program is affiliated to Higher Secondary education Board (HSEB) and BBS program is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU).

Greenwich College's philosophy is to provide quality education that is sound in concept, implemented by competent and dedicated faculty, and geared to serve those seeking a solid foundation in knowledge and skills required to obtain employment in their chosen fields. The programs offered emphasize hand-on training, relevant to employment and focus on areas that offer strong, long term employment opportunities.

Greenwich College shall remain engaged in the process of preparing its students to fit into this complex social structure, and to play particular social roles as members of more than one institutional group. It is highly concerned with the preparation of the student for his/her future occupation in life.

To enhance the academic excellence of the students, we get them to involve in various students – centered activities for their all round development. Greenwich College can provide the students with unique opportunities not only to explore where they want to be a few years down the line. Greenwich College has the aim of conducting other programs in future to meet with high demand of contemporary society by enhancing the need based, career- oriented and pragmatic academic schemes.


GC aims to be a nationally reputed learning centre recognized for academic excellence in teaching and research in business, management & Humanities studies. Making the world better place by providing an education that:

  • Inspires academic excellence
  • Nurtures respect for self, other and the environment, curiosity, creativity and imagination.
  • Awakens the human spirit

GC aims to be an internationally reputed learning center recognized for academic excellence in teaching and research in business and management studies.


To provide complete quality education thereby helping our children to:

  • Discover their capacity to live in peace.
  • Learn without boundaries throughout their lifetimes
  • Find meaningful work.
  • Inspire a person for excellence
  • To produce the successful manpower for managerial excellence
  • To provide quality education that meets the need of present world.
  • To develop management graduates at various levels with sound management knowledge, skills and values along with positive leadership qualities;
  • To motivate students in a caring and conductive learning environment to bring out the best in them;
  • To instil creativity and innovativeness in the students through motivational approach of personalized nurturing guidance;
  • Inspire a person for excellence
  • To make learning and living at the college a wonderfully pleasant experience for all and develop a strong yet tender bond of friendship and fraternity;
  • To establish relations with universities and management institutes of Nepal and abroad in program enhancement.
  • Strong Faculty Member (qualified, experienced, trained, motivated, professional, skilled, laborious,)
  • Well facilitated Infrastructure (proper ground, proper sanitation facility, well manage of drinking water)
  • Easily accessible with transport facilities
  • Merits & scholarships for outstanding students
  • Online notes and assignments
  • Regular workshops, seminars, field trips and excursion
  • Well- organized hostel & library
  • Additional class hours for needy students
  • Well equipped Computer & HM laboratory, Sports, arts & crafts.
  • Maintain discipline environment
  • Extracurricular activities conducted twice a month conducted twice a month. (Music, Dancing, Football, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Taekwondo, Karate)
  • Well designed curriculum with Co-curricular activities along with the normal course of study.
  • S.U.P.W- Designed to initiate in students the process of observing, thinking, learning & expressing creatively.
  • Arts & painting, Aims at nurturing the artistic intellect of the students.
  • Competition (writing/reading essay/ Recitation/ Debate) - to motivate & encourage students to participate & plan to achieve.
  • Students involve in career development programmer.
  • Singing- to give aspirations and peace of mind.
  • Sports- To develop sportsmanship and conquest for achievements and competition.
  • Educational Tour, To understand the ever shrinking world of which we are a part.